Thursday, April 7, 2011

On This Day

We laid our heads down for the night with heavy hearts after giving the "kids" extra love and pets. Our gratitude for their presence in our lives was magnified by the loss of our friend. So on this night...

When Shaker lain down on my feet, I didn't squirm out, but was instead grateful for the anchor. When he brought his blue bone to bed, I didn't complain but listened with a smile as he gnawed away.

When Russ stuck his nose in my face and snuggled up next to me I didn't complain about being hot, but snuggled back. When he jumped off the bed to get a drink and then asked at 2:30 am to be picked back up, I just did it. On this night, I was grateful for the inconvenience.

And when they woke me up at 6:00am, I didn't grouse but let them out and smiled while I watched them play.

And on this day, when Shaker took his extra lap around the yard before coming in, I didn't scold, but smiled at his silly habit.

And when Ruff Ruff, bounded through the door and nailed me four square on the legs, I didn't do anything but laugh at his silliness too.

So today and for always, I thank Margie for bringing into this world my beautiful Ruffles and his side kick Shaker Baker. From the first bite of potato chips, they had me. Thanks be to Margie and the whole Foggy Bottom Crew. May you find peace, knowing that her legacy is rich and much loved. Kim and Kathy.

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Joy said...

Thanks for the reminder to be thankful for the little things. You always make me smile.