Thursday, April 7, 2011

On This Day

We laid our heads down for the night with heavy hearts after giving the "kids" extra love and pets. Our gratitude for their presence in our lives was magnified by the loss of our friend. So on this night...

When Shaker lain down on my feet, I didn't squirm out, but was instead grateful for the anchor. When he brought his blue bone to bed, I didn't complain but listened with a smile as he gnawed away.

When Russ stuck his nose in my face and snuggled up next to me I didn't complain about being hot, but snuggled back. When he jumped off the bed to get a drink and then asked at 2:30 am to be picked back up, I just did it. On this night, I was grateful for the inconvenience.

And when they woke me up at 6:00am, I didn't grouse but let them out and smiled while I watched them play.

And on this day, when Shaker took his extra lap around the yard before coming in, I didn't scold, but smiled at his silly habit.

And when Ruff Ruff, bounded through the door and nailed me four square on the legs, I didn't do anything but laugh at his silliness too.

So today and for always, I thank Margie for bringing into this world my beautiful Ruffles and his side kick Shaker Baker. From the first bite of potato chips, they had me. Thanks be to Margie and the whole Foggy Bottom Crew. May you find peace, knowing that her legacy is rich and much loved. Kim and Kathy.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Colony Campground Iowa City, Iowa

We stayed here for a dog show last weekend. Small family run campground. It used to be out in the sticks, but now it is being surrounded by the Iowa City suburbs. It is actually in North Liberty which is in the corridor extending between Iowa City and Cedar Rapids.

I did not take any pictures because it just kept raining.

It was comfortable and had full hookups. Really big rigs would have a hard time fitting in here.

I thought it was odd that the campground office was closed since it was the weekend.

It was a comfortable place to stay but nothing to do on site.

I would give it a 7.

Here is a link:

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Winnebago factory tour and Pammel Park, Forest City

We headed up to Forest City Iowa and had a factory tour of Winnebago. They were down to two lines. Class A and Class C gas were on one line and diesel pushers on another. Even then the work force was half what it was a year ago and they were only working four days a week.

We stayed at Pammel Park a city park just up the road from the plant. It had electric only, but the dump and potable water were easily accessible and in fact being improved most likely in time for the Grand National Rally.

The Winnebago River flows right on the side of the campground and there is a little waterfall. A golf course is right across the road. I would recommend it if visiting the factory, although electric hookups are available near the plant also. They had a big service area at the plant also.
The tour was okay. Kim tells me that since I work for John Deere and have been in many of our domestic and overseas plants, that I am spoiled.

Avoid Topeka

The National Specialty was fine, but the site was awful. We were parked in the far parking lot of the ExpoCenter which was in the worst part of town. We were near a fire station which broadcast all of its calls on the outside loud speaker so the firefighters who were outside could hear it. We nearly levitated out of the RV when we heard it the first night. And from what I could tell, the rest of Topeka did not have much to offer. They had a spot celebrating the fact that they discriminated and that the US Supreme Court had to set them right (Brown v Topeka Board of Education.)

Really, the city was much seedier than we expected. The people were 95% friendly though, although we were approached several times by a beggar while we were camped. The amount she needed was just enough to buy a fifth.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Topeka or Bust

The National Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club ( specialty dog show is in Topeka, Kansas this year. So the Gibson Girls will be loading up the RV and heading west in April.

Who knew there was so much to do in Topeka, KS?

Friday, November 7, 2008


Youniverse Personality TestYouniverse Personality Test

I thought this was a pretty cool exercise so decided to share it as I think it sheds light on to what and how we like to explore the world.

Give it a try at Http://

Monday, September 22, 2008

Lamb's Resort

We staying in Schroeder, MN at Lamb's Resort and it was breath takingly beautiful. The Resort itself had beautiful camp sites with lovely walking paths nearby.
There are very few places in the world that I would go back to but let me tell you that the North Shore area in MN is definitely one of them!
Check out the web site