Thursday, June 18, 2009

Winnebago factory tour and Pammel Park, Forest City

We headed up to Forest City Iowa and had a factory tour of Winnebago. They were down to two lines. Class A and Class C gas were on one line and diesel pushers on another. Even then the work force was half what it was a year ago and they were only working four days a week.

We stayed at Pammel Park a city park just up the road from the plant. It had electric only, but the dump and potable water were easily accessible and in fact being improved most likely in time for the Grand National Rally.

The Winnebago River flows right on the side of the campground and there is a little waterfall. A golf course is right across the road. I would recommend it if visiting the factory, although electric hookups are available near the plant also. They had a big service area at the plant also.
The tour was okay. Kim tells me that since I work for John Deere and have been in many of our domestic and overseas plants, that I am spoiled.

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Kodi said...

Been thinking about going up there - but a little worried it would leave me depressed.

I actually had a former Winnebago worker come up to us this last weekend at Red Rock - she was responsible for the graphics on my Aspect - but had been laid off. I didn't know what to do except tell her how much I loved my RV and was glad to tell her how much it meant to me. Small comfort.