Thursday, June 18, 2009

Avoid Topeka

The National Specialty was fine, but the site was awful. We were parked in the far parking lot of the ExpoCenter which was in the worst part of town. We were near a fire station which broadcast all of its calls on the outside loud speaker so the firefighters who were outside could hear it. We nearly levitated out of the RV when we heard it the first night. And from what I could tell, the rest of Topeka did not have much to offer. They had a spot celebrating the fact that they discriminated and that the US Supreme Court had to set them right (Brown v Topeka Board of Education.)

Really, the city was much seedier than we expected. The people were 95% friendly though, although we were approached several times by a beggar while we were camped. The amount she needed was just enough to buy a fifth.

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